Our company


Bosstouch co., ltd is an international company and one of most reputable manufacturers of computer products and touch systems. We are constantly on the forefront of leading-edge technologies. 

The services we provide include product a series of Portable monitor, USB C Hub Adapter, touch display, we also provide a series monitor of case solution. We are praised for quick response to customers’ needs to minimize service wait time. We work hard to offer long-term customer service and customized products. It’s our goal to help customers to grow with us to build a win-win business relationship.

With over fifteen years of experience in the computer products field, our company has already become the most well-known manufacturer of safety and security products. With the strict in-house management, advanced devices, effective production flute, and professional staff, our company has obtained the authentication of UL, FCC, and CE. So far, our products have been well marketed in several countries, and we have successfully developed more than 80 projects for overseas customers on the basis of OEM and ODM services.

We manufacture a complete line of computer peripherals, including industrial monitor, HDMI rugged display, portable monitor, USB C Hub Adapter, just to name a few. We pride ourselves on our expertise in producing computer peripherals

OUr services

We build what we design

With the state of art precision manufacturing equipments we own, we can quickly turn a product from concept to reality. The individuals that design the products are not the ones that actually producing the products, which could translate to design problems and lack of support responses. We understand exactly what we make, and we will make sure our customers do too.

OEM/ODM specialis

OEM/ODM specialist – Since 70% of our business come from OEM/ODM, we fully understand what OEM/ODM customers need. For better customer service and product quality, we tailor our business to fit your requirements.

Our Core Values

Create products with soul

We create unique products that users can recognize at a glance. This product is needed because it is very helpful to solve problems. While users may not understand exactly what we’re doing with the product, they’ll realize that it makes their lives better. This is an effective way to define whether a product is really a good product or not.

Maintain a quality-driven & efficient operation

We are customer-oriented, and in each link to pursue the highest quality. At the same time, we will also pay attention to other aspects, and strive to lead the market trend and customer-oriented.

Use the fastest time to get the best results

We understand that your time, money, and resources are very important. We can handle everything before you even speak!

Think and work like a boss

We believe that the company is a big family. Everyone is the owner of the company. All employees in the company are equal.