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When I was traveling, a variety of electronic devices and cumbersome connection cables became a burden for me to travel. I hope that I can go lightly and enjoy my journey. Therefore, I decide to pursue the way to take me go lightly. Portable monitor is easy to carry on, no matter where I go, as long as I connect to my mobile phone, I can use it as a computer. There is no need to worry that my password will be remembered when I use the public computer, and then my personal information will be disclosed.
Bosstouch, pursuing the way of light.

Cathy Chi

President, Bosstouch

OEM/ODM Specialist


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I’m a businessman who travels all over the world on business. I am very happy to have such a powerful monitor, which can directly connect with my Samsung S9 mobile phone. No matter where I go, I only need to take two TYPE-C cables. This portable monitor is larger and thinner than a tablet so that I can show my PPT to customers anytime and anywhere.


I am Arthur and I am a Boss

I’m a gamer. Since I have PM156 portable monitor, I can play games wherever I want anytime and anywhere. As long as it is connected to my HD 4K portable monitor, I can quickly get into the game.   


I am Hassan and I am a Boss

I am a programmer, and I always need to open multiple Windows at the same time to help with my coding and revising. By the help of PM156, all I need is a TYPE-C wire to connect with my mac-book, and I can use it as a secondary monitor, which is pretty cool and convenient.


I am Sofia and I am a Boss

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